Working During Your Studies

Many young people are beginning their studies because they want to make money themselves, be independent of their parents and get some work experience to include in their first CV. Among the most popular jobs for students, there are shops, bars and restaurants, which often provide a very low salary, but offer flexible work schedules that are important during the time of your studies. The greatest benefit in working in such areas will be the development of communication skills, new contacts and skills in dealing with money and figures.

However, many of the experience gained there will not be crucial for professional development. Therefore, before signing an employment contract, it would be worth considering the usefulness of the first work in relation to financial needs and future goals. If work is tedious, with low pay and without career development opportunities, perhaps it would be better to put more emphasis on studies, find a place of practice suitable for the chosen profession and prove yourself in it, hoping for a permanent job later. Additionally, the ability to balance full-time studies and work is often a stumbling block, which leads to the conclusion that no significant success has been achieved in either one.

Financial support from parents

Many young people after leaving home from parents, mother or father (often also grandparents) still receive support and help because it is well known that a person without work experience and study time in the beginning won’t have many opportunities to fully meet financial requirements. In recent years, more and more young families are also thinking about savings, ensuring that at the time their kids grow up, there will be at least funds to cover tuition fees.

There is no reason to be shy about parental involvement in the new financial affairs, especially if they really can afford it. However, it is clear that the student actually has already grown a person who should be able to control his own finances. However, the family should allow the young person to plan, think and organize his own income and control his expenses, the greater his confidence in his options in life and everyday life the better the result may be in the future.

Accepting financial help from external sources

Not always families are able to financially support tuition fees and expenses related to studies. For this reasons there are multiple options available for every student who’s looking for financial help. More information can be found here.