student finance numberWhat loans are available.

Different student finance supports are available from the government through student loan companies. Every year the government announces the levels of support for joining and continuing undergraduate students. Regardless of where you come from, you can contact the relevant organisation for more guidance and information through a dedicated student finance number. The support is available to the student in the form of tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and a maintenance grant.

Tuition fee loan.
Most students studying for their first undergraduate degree do not pay their tuition fee upfront. The government allows you to claim a loan for fees and defer repayment until you have finished your undergraduate course at university, and you are earning a particular minimum salary. Students are means tested for loans regardless of your household income, so you can apply and get it. You have the option to take out a partial loan or a full loan. The tuition fee loan is always paid directly to the university. Remember to call student finance phone number 0843 455 0057 for relevant student finance agency for full guidance and details on how to apply for tuition fee loan.

Student Finance Number 0843 455 0057.

finance numbersMaintenance loan.
Apart from tuition fee loan, students can also take out government maintenance loan to assist them with living costs. A maintenance loan is split up into two types, means-tested and non-means tested.

The non-means tested is available to all students regardless of their household income, while a means-tested loan depends on the level of their household incomes. Unlike tuition fee loan, maintenance loan will be paid directly into your bank account in three installments every year.

Moreover, you will not begin to repay your loan until you finish your undergraduate course and at least earning a minimum salary. Refer to relevant student finance authority by using their funding numbers for more information on maintenance loan.

Note that, if you take out loans from both support and tuition fees, then you will have to pay the combined amount when you leave the university into single total sum per installment.

helplineMaintenance grant.
Students from lower-income families are subject to a means-tested. To see if you can have a support grant. Assembly Learning Grant or young student’s bursary that helps you with accommodation and living costs. The level of maintenance grant support depends on your household incomes. Since this is a grant, you will not have to pay it back during and after you complete your course.

For more information about grants, you can contact the relevant award agency via any of their reliable number 0843 455 0057. Working Part Time while you are going to university, what you need to know.

Student Finance Helpline 0843 455 0057.

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